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What is Gripskin? Yes!

It all started in 1999 when Peter Wolff had a good fingerboard session and got his fingers all roughed up from the griptape. He literally got Gripskin. And that's what his local fingerboard crew was named ever since. Over the years, more and more people from all over the place joined the crew. It was always about friendship, creating new things and our hobbies, yes, also fingerboarding. 

Peter made one of the early wooden boards after he saw the first Berlin Woods from Timo Lieben. Two plastic boards were used as the mold, the standard deck making technique back in the day. Manu Oberle made his first board in 2005 when he found some veneer in his grandfathers workshop. Ever since then he is experimenting with new materials, glues and techniques. In 2011 Gripskin got the first metal mold, a classic low shape with a smooth concave. The decks were only available on events, you know, more personal. 


Over the years we were more or less active, but in 2019 there were just so many ideas around that needed to be out there. With the help of a 3d printer the shape of the boards could be perfected (to our needs). Also new ramp were created with a speciel concrete mix that feels amazing. 


The products are made by hand in Switzerland. Everything is made from fingerboarders for fingerboarders, no bullshit. Each board I want to ride myself, but it's time to share them. 


The idea for the ramps was to have not only a good fingerboard obstacle, but to have an object that looks good. To have a fingerboard ramp sitting on the table or shelf without being embarrassed when your judging friends come over. The forms are smooth, geometric and well proportioned for your eyes and fingers. Raw, natural materials are used. They feel good to touch and they age gracefully. 


Now that we are selling out, let's make one thing clear, this is not to get rich, this is to give back to fingerboarding. The goal is to host contests and meeting, supporting the local scene. Also by supporting Gripskin you will help us creating better products, allowing more experimentation and pushing forward into an exciting future. Fingerboarding deserves to grow up without losing the fun and soul. 


There is no team, there are only friends. 

Have a good time.